Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of the services you offer?

Visit our Services page to see all of the benefits for our Aromatherapy, Halotherapy and O2 treatment services! If you have a specific question feel free to reach out!

Can I have my event at the AromaRoom?

ABSOLUTELY!! We would love to host your event. All of our rooms are separated by pocket doors that can be opened to allow parties to enjoy their treatments and their company! We have three Aromatherapy steam suites that can hold up to 6 people each and we have three different Halotherapy suites that can hold up to 7 people (4-person, 3-person and 1-person rooms).

Can I bring in outside vendors for my event?

Yes! We welcome massage therapists and estheticians to come and make your event special! If you have an event and would like to bring in an outside service provider please email us at!

Is the AromaRoom safe for children?

Yes! We believe that our services are beneficial for those young, old and everything in between! There are oils that aren’t recommended for children of certain ages, but no need to worry - we have included that warning on our oil information cards!

Who is the AromaRoom for?

The AromaRoom is for everyone! It is important that we all take time to take care of ourselves. We all need to breathe, relax and recover!

Does the AromaRoom have discounts?

Yes! We currently offer discounts for first time visitors, public servants, teachers, first responders, veterans and kids age 8-16. We also discount the price for each additional person that is added to a service. We will also have various specials that will be promoted via our social media channels and the website!

What should I wear during my treatments?

For the Aromatherapy steam suites, we recommend you wear the complementary robe and disposable sandals provided to you - feel free to bring shower shoes from home as well! For the Halotherapy suites you have a few options. If your service is salt only, you can stay in your regular clothes; however, if you’re adding any type of heat, we recommend you wear the robe provided to you or exercise clothes!

Can I listen to music in the suites?

Yes! Our Aromatherapy steam suites contain internal Bluetooth speakers that you’re welcome to connect to! Our Halotherapy chambers include guided meditation to help you get the most of the salt services, but you’re welcome to utilize the Bluetooth speakers provided.

What time should I arrive for my treatment?

We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes early for your treatment. You’re welcome to grab a complementary refreshing beverage in our Lavender Lounge and utilize our 02 Oxygen Bar as a way to prepare for your services!

What is your cancellation policy?

We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid a 50% charge. If something comes up please give us a call! We are human and sometimes life just doesn't go as planned!

How will I keep my belongings safe during my treatment?

Good question! Each of our suites are enclosed in a private room. You’ll be able to see your belongings during your treatment.

Do you have spa packages or a membership program?

Yes! You can see all of our packages on the Aromatherapy, Halotherapy and 02 treatment pages. We also have a loyalty program and you’ll earn points with each treatment and each time you book!

Can I work out in the halotherapy suites?

Yes! Our 4-person room can accommodate two people who are working out! The bench can be removed to make additional space.

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