The AromaRoom

Enjoy the Scented Self-Care

What is the AromaRoom?

The AromaRoom is designed to transform you from the outside in using essential oil-infused steam treatments. You can work with our AromaTherapist to determine what single oil, or combination of oils, will best address your needs. We also offer Halotherapy (salt therapy) with sauna, aromatherapy, infrared and red light therapy add-ons aimed at helping you inhale health and exhale stress!

How Does it Work?

Pick Your Scent

1 pick a scent

The first step is to pick your scent. Don’t know what oil does what - no worries! Our AromaTherapist is always available to help.


undress and unwind

Next, you’ll change into one of our complementary robes (we also have water and steam proof shower caps) while your room is prepared! While waiting for your steam or Halotherapy session, you can enjoy your favorite beverage in our complimentary Lavender Lounge.

Relax & Breathe

relax and breathe

The last step? Nope, you’re just getting started! Enter into your customized room and breathe. Sit back and relax while the steam or salt does all the work.


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